Medicine for a world gone mad.

Hello lovelies.

I was all ready to write to you

about living your best life,

and then I read the news.

Dayton. El Paso. Gilroy.

And I needed an attitudinal re-set.



here's what I have for us:

We are the antidote.

Our resolve,

our hope,

our commitment to social justice,

our devotion to our growth, personal and collective,

our dedication to loving and helping people,

including ourselves:

all this is the medicine

our sick country requires.

Listen, though:

showing up
again and again
with resolve
and love

takes so much energy.

It's not truly possible

and certainly not sustainable

if you're running on empty.

(PS: this is just how the white supremacist patriarchy likes it -

all of us out here

running on empty).

If we are going to be the antidote to madness

we have to invest

in our own peace of body and mind.

If we are going to bring the medicine for inhumanity

we have to learn to treat ourselves

as fully human.

Take measures


to support your sweet human self.

To replenish your reserves.

To connect with that which is beautiful

and hopeful

and inspiring in this world.

We are the antidote:



(when we're not worn so thin)


We must treat ourselves as such.

What can you do to recharge today?

How can you dote on your humanness?

What can you heal in your own sweet self?


When we honor and care for our own humanity,

we are making exactly the medicine

the world needs.

natalie millerComment