Extra Extra, Read All About Me

Hello beauties!

Didja miss me?


I needed a couple weeks off

on account of Total Life Change.

My news:

I've accepted the role of Programs Director

for Hello Seven,

an organization dedicated to helping feminist entrepreneurs

make bank in their businesses

so they can change the world.

I get to coach incredibly badass women.

I get to create programming.

I get to work with a stellar team,

and for Rachel Rodgers.



I still have time, space, and passion

for my solo practice.

I'm still coaching clients

devoted to living extraordinary and generous everydays

even if -

especially if? -

that means blowing up their lives.


I'm still offering my New Moon Rendezvous

for people who want to live on purpose.


I'm still leading retreats!

Mark your calendars for the next one:

A years-end Yoga, Peace, & Quiet

December 12-15 at Zigbone Farm Retreat.


Here's what I'm done with:

Teaching weekly yoga.

(My heart's just not in it, loves.

Maybe I'll return to it someday,

but it won't be someday soon.)

Directing a yoga studio.

(If you love your independent yoga studio,

know that the people who run it are




and sorely underpaid.)


I'm done playing small.

I'm here to help feminists

embody social change

by having the courage to do what they love.

To create radically self-honoring lives

of balance

and delight.

This month especially,

that includes me.

I make the necessary changes.

I take the exhilarating chances.

I make the scary self-investments.

I do it so I can help you do it.

PS: The upcoming New Moon in Leo is ~*~ b e g g i n g ~*~ you to do more of what fires you up, and to let go of what's weighing you down. Now's the time, big cats.

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