new moon rendezvous

a monthly virtual starpower gathering

Live on purpose.


Leave room for magic.

These two commitments have helped me and my friends

build lives we love,

and create communities and everydays in which we shine.

Grab your wand and join us.

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What we do in a rendezvous

Right around the New Moon

the perfect time to listen in to our hearts’ desires

we gather from all around the country

in a video conference on Zoom.


Astrological Insight

We begin with me sharing a little about the astrology of the moment, and introducing you to the energy of the New Moon we’re working with.

We take time to think and talk about how this resonates, what it calls to mind and heart, and what we might like to do with this moon magic.


self-reflection & Group Coaching

I guide everyone through an introspective practice: sometimes with a few questions to journal on, right then and there, other times in a visualization or guided meditation. This is always creative and evocative!

Then, I coach a few people around what comes up. (This is where the magic happens, btw - in this sharing, coaching, witnessing, strengthening connection to ourselves and with one another).

We have a private Facebook community where we stay connected both to one another and to our New Moon work.


Intention-setting & Full moon follow-up

We each set a specific intention for the next lunar cycle, and leave with a small but mighty action plan for the month ahead.

Two weeks later, when the moon lights up our world again, I share a spark of encouragement and a gentle nudge of accountability in a Full Moon Follow-Up.

(Sometimes this is a message, sometimes another gathering, sometimes a surprise, always re-energizing)

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All New Moon Rendezvous happen through Zoom Video Conferencing

(There’s also a call-in option, if you’re tech-shy).

Each session is recorded and emailed to all participants,

and/but, I hope you’ll be there live.

Calls are Sunday evenings, very near the New Moon, from 7:30-8:30p ET.

New Moon in Libra: Sun, Sep 29

New Moon in Scorpio: Sun, Oct 27

New Moon in Sagittarius: Sun, Nov 24

New Moon in Capricorn: Sun, Dec 29

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Let’s create this community!

Ready to commit to showing up for yourself

and our circle

for the rest of 2019?

It’s only $27/moon for 4 moons billed monthly.

Say yes!