A little about me.



I’m a Master Certified Life Coach,

and I help to free women

who’ve achieved themselves

into lives in which they feel trapped.

Through my coaching, these women unlock their light.

They create luminous, courageous, generous lives

in which they can be their whole selves.

Together, we practice stellar mindset work,

with a deeply feminist ethos,

and a dash or three of Woo.

So, I’m a work/life magic coach for stellar women

and together, we are transforming the world.



Things I do, in no particular order, often concurrently:

Coach women individually and in small groups.

Mother a couple tweenagers and a couple smushed-face dogs.

Be a feminist, with constant updating on the intersectionality front.

Run a household.

Lift weights.

Teach and practice yoga.

Offer retreats and SoulCollage® workshops (I’m an official SoulCollage® facilitator).

Help women love their bodies (I'm a Certified BARE Coach, too).

Teach in Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coach and Master Life Coach programs (that’s where I learned to coach).

Knit stuff together. Sometimes loops of yarn, sometimes ideas. Sometimes people.



Read books (novels, philosophy, psychology, biography, more novels, plenty of self-help).

Watch television (movies feel like too big of a commitment).

Try to walk my talk, since my talk is pretty loud.