1:1 Coaching with Me

coaching might be great for you if:

  • You are ready to live your feminism, and to move through this world in more self-honoring ways.

  • You’re feeling called to make some changes - in the work you do, or the way you treat yourself, or how you show up in relationships, or how you live and balance your everyday life.

  • You want to stop worrying so much. You want confidence, courage, and trust, rather than indecision, self-doubt, and fear.

  • You are facing a big decision or a life transition, and want to make choices from a place of love, trust, abundance, and growth mindset.

what happens when women work with me

Change happens, magic happens, results happen.

As clients work with me, they move from self-doubt to self-trust, and here’s what happens next:

  • One woman sought a promotion and got it - along with a $50K raise.

  • One woman declined a promotion, and elected instead to do work she truly loves. (She got a raise anyway).

  • Three women left their unhappy marriages. They’re all thriving.

  • One woman asked the ACLU to represent her in a suit against the Trump administration. (They said yes, and so far, she’s winning.)

  • Three women negotiated completely new positions for themselves: on their own terms, with good money.

  • One woman made peace with food, stopped binging, and committed to body-kind daily exercise.

  • One woman got her best performance review ever, complete with a five-figure bonus.

  • One woman set boundaries with her mother, and transformed their relationship for good.

  • One woman left a job in which she was miserable and started a hugely successful consulting business.

  • One woman embarked on her first book tour, showed up shining, and her books sold out everywhere she went.

In everyday life, you’ll find these women rock-climbing. Weight-lifting. Traveling solo. Creating sacred alone time in the mornings. Saying No to sex they don’t want. Taking painting classes. Decluttering like mad. Going on silent retreats. Setting boundaries. Eating well. Sleeping well.

These are women showing how women can live.

what happens in our work together

I’m quite loving, and also I will totally call you on your shit.

I’m quite loving, and also I will totally call you on your shit.

You talk about what’s bothering you.

Not to re-hash and complain about your problems,

but to understand and evolve beyond them.

I listen to what you're saying, and to what you're not saying.

I ask questions that spark new ways of seeing your situations

and even better, seeing your way out of them.

I help you see your assumptions about the world and yourself,

many of which simply aren’t true.

You learn to let go of the limiting beliefs that are getting in your way.

I share all sorts of work/life balance and self-coaching tools with you,

and I give you gentle accountability as you implement them.

You make changes big and small,

and you create the time and space and circumstances you need

for an everyday life you love.

want to work with me?

Email me and tell me about your situation and what you're looking for in coaching. If I think I can help, we'll schedule our first session.