in praise of half-assery

Hello friends,

It's been a handful of Sundays

with no Sunday letter from me.

But here I am.

Life's been overfull and inside out.

Sundays have found me in various states

both geographical

and emotional,

as my dad passed away this summer.


I haven't had the wherewithal

to sit and write

(or to go to the gym

return the library books


cook the dinners


As I'm returning to all those practices

I'm embracing half-assery.

Quarter-assery, sometimes.

This is a skill I teach

to my kickass clients

who tend to full-ass


to MEGA-ass


This is us:

Half-assing means doing just a little.

Means cutting the corners

that you tend to smooth and tuck

just so.

Means giving yourself a b r e a k,

and trusting that whatever you can do -

10min at the gym

1 library book found and returned

3 rounds of conscious breathing

Rotisserie chicken and microwaved rice


Your half- or quarter- or eighth- or even 1/256 ass

is plenty.

natalie millerComment