Tomorrow's New Moon says GO FOR IT

Hello friends,

Change, possibility, and dream-come-true potential are in the air. 


Can you sense them?

Within your reach -

but not yet, not QUITE yet -

in your hands

is the life you really want.

How do we bridge the gap?

We do like Indiana Jones did

in this movie moment I can't stop thinking about.

Jones has to cross a chasm.

He can see the other side

can see where he knows he needs to go

but he can't get there

doing what he's always done.

He needs a bold new way of moving forward.

full of deep, deep trust:

in his mentors


the magical world

and the power of faith.

Just like another hero -

Harry Potter -

in a game of Quidditch

must believe

(1) that there really is a tiny golden snitch flying around out there

(even though he can't quite see it)


(2) that he will be able to find and catch it

if he gets on his broom

and flies.


What do you want, superhero?

Where do you KNOW you need to go?

What are you ready to claim for yourself?

Tomorrow's New Moon tells you it's time.

Time to fly.

Time to step into the unknown.

The prize you imagine -

the deeply satisfying career

or relationship

or home

or community

or everyday life -

is there. Waiting for you.

Time to take the first step toward it

and trust that the next steps will appear.


Put your hand on your sweaty chest

take a deep breath

listen for the cheers of your friends

feel the support of your mentor

attune to the steady beat of your heart


and GO.

natalie millerComment