Be your own Valentine.

Hello friends,

This week, I have a present for you!


It is not a minivan!

But it will take you places.

My present to you is the Be Yours Challenge.

Subtitle: 7 Days to Freedom from Other People's Opinions.

Where did this come from?


I spent this week 

talking to successful women:

women who run the world

who do great work

who get promotions

who - seemingly - thrive.

I was talking to them

because I was doing research for a new class I'm creating

for women who worry.

And in our conversations,

one theme stood out most.

These stellar, impressive, powerful, successful women

worry about What People Think.

(By the way: I do this a little, too.

I don't know many women who don't.

We come by it honestly,

raised as we are

to care constantly for others

above ourselves).

Here's what this worrying does, though:

It grates.

It keeps women from speaking up.

It keeps women up at night.

It keeps women from fully exercising

and from fully e n j o y i n g

their voices and power.


I made something to help with that.

My Be Yours Challenge

starting on Valentine's Day.

If this resonates,

join me!

Also please share with your badass friends

who second-guess themselves.

Share with your mom and sister

and your office wife.

Together, we'll spend 7 days 

practicing self-coaching techniques

that help us to unhook from What They Think

and sail freely toward What We Want.

It will be fun


full of Whoa.

It's a week of emails

and conversations

and small, daily ways

to move toward big, whole-life change.

This is how we bring feminism to life.

Let's do it!

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