be yours

a 7 day challenge

to liberate you

from other people’s opinions 

(and it’s fREE)

Do you love you?

Do you love you not?

If you’re like most women I know,

the answers are probably Yes and Yes.

We love ourselves


we have our self-doubts.

Even the most confident among us

swim daily through a misogynist, racist, multi-phobic culture.

And even the most sovereign among us

are for our whole lives exhorted

to care deeply and madly about

What Other People Think.

love yourself and the rest will follow

Madly in love with this photo by  Drop the Label Movement  on  Unsplash

Madly in love with this photo by Drop the Label Movement on Unsplash

Our challenge begins on Valentine’s Day

because it’s fueled by self love.

When we can be generous

with ourselves

we don’t require Other People’s Approval.

Self-generosity is a challenge

in and of itself . . .

but when you make it happen,

it’s magic.

And its effects extend far beyond you.

You show up differently.

People respond to you differently.

Things change for the better.

ADD good boundaries

multiply by growth mindset

get deep confidence

From the self-generous start,

we move on to shifting away from

Worrying What They Think

and toward Being Who We Want to Be.

Day by day

we dive into the ingredients

of self-sovereignty:



Mind Management


. . .

More Being Who We Want to Be

Less Wondering If That’s OK.

I’m Natalie, your fearing-less-every-day leader.

I’m Natalie, your fearing-less-every-day leader.

You in?

All you’ve got to lose is the weight of what you imagine people are thinking. :)

What you’ll get:

  • 10 motivating emails: two hellos, one goodbye, and 7 daily lessons to try

  • 7 inspiring Facebook Lives in my free TimeWitchery community

  • Chances to win P R I Z E S

  • A guided journey toward self-sovereignty

*:* let’s do it *:*