There's never a series finale of you.

Happy Sunday, beauties.

Winter is coming. The midterms are coming. 

I know I'm not the only one moving through the days like this:


It's a fraught time, and we're right to be concerned . . . but it's easy to go from concerned to panicked.

So here's what I'm reminding myself and my people:

The mind does this strange thing when it's thinking in Worst Case Scenarios.

It forgets who we are, and how life works.

It changes one variable, but doesn't account for how All The Other Variables will shift.

We think, "If I lose my job, I'll end up broke and living under a bridge somewhere."

We forget for a moment how resourceful we are.

Right now you are likely reading this email on your own personal tiny computer that magically connects to the Internet.

Really: you'd make A LOT happen before you'd be settling in under that bridge.

You'd find another job. You'd borrow money. You'd get some low-income housing, or live with friends or family, or find a spot in a shelter.

Similarly, perhaps:

We think, "If there's not a huge Blue Wave, it's over."

Listen: I am doing everything I can to bring on the huge Blue Wave.

If we don't win the House, the Senate, the governor's mansions, I know that our fight gets a lot harder.

But it won't be over.

We're more resourceful than that.

The day after our current president was inaugurated, we gathered for the largest protest in our country's history.

Months after that, we showed up in droves at airports to protest his hideous Travel Ban.

This year, we have our most diverse EVER slate of candidates running for office across the country.

We are organizing locally, to help one another.

We are paying more and better attention.

There is so much we can do, and if our government gets worse, I truly believe we will get better.

Should we be concerned? Hell yes.

But let's most definitely remember: 

Everything is always changing, and so are we.

We rise to meet challenges.


Whatever Worst Case Scenario you're fearing right now



The re-election of Ted Cruz

Please know:

As circumstances change, so do you.

As you change, so does your life: how you see it, and how you live it.

There is no Series Finale when it comes to you.

It's not like, "And then she lost her job and all her money, and she lived miserably ever after THE END."


There's always a next Season of you.

It will bring new scenes and new characters, and it will reveal new sides of you.


You're the head writer.

On a whole team of writers.


Let go the worry.

Charge your batteries.

Connect with something or someone that delights you.

Remember who you are.

We have a world to create. Let's make it stellar.

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