Would you say Yes?

Oh my friends.

It's been Quite A Week. My kid has been under the weather, so I've been measuring out liquid ibuprofen at 1am, calling the doctor, running to the grocery for lemons and ginger, and doing a lot of this:


It's been the kind of week where a lot of games get called on account of Humanness.

I had to move some clients, and cancel others.

I didn't make any progress on my bigger projects.

I didn't get out to canvass this weekend.

And I stayed home from an important event.

Yes -

I made chicken soup and 50 cups of Throat Shield tea and 2 doctors' appointments and many cozy sick beds on the living room couch -

But there's so much I didn't do.

So I needed to dust off an amazing question from my friend and fellow coach Anna Hazenberg:

Do you give yourself credit?

Once upon a time in a coaching session, Anna asked me this question maybe 20 times.

Because my answer, honestly, again and again, was NO.

I wasn't raised to give myself credit.

I grew up wincing at the one A- in the sea of A's.

I am always thinking There's So Much More I Should Do.

When people say, "I don't know how you do it!," I say, "It's nothing, really."


Perhaps you resonate.

Perhaps you are like me and my beautiful clients, who also must answer No when I ask, "Do you give yourself credit?"

We may be 

Checking in on a loved one
Picking up slack in our understaffed workplace
Finding someone to fix the leaky sink
Answering 50 emails
Running another load of laundry
(and another. and another.)
Somehow throwing dinner together
all while
We ourselves are recovering from a cold, or nursing a sprained ankle, or dealing with period cramps.

And yet

We'll still lament that we aren't making it to the gym,
or clearing the cluttered countertop,
or Doing Enough to get out the vote.


Here, I'm talking to all of us:

When we find ourselves thinking We Haven't Done Enough

The first question must be, "Do I give myself credit?"

Giving Ourselves Credit: that is worth doing more of.

Oh, and also Sleep.

More credit, and more sleep.

Let's go, go-getters. This one is a challenge.

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