Why we need tip-top #squadgoals!

Hello beauties,

Here in the US, DST is over and our clocks fell back! I hope you enjoy the couple days of discrepancy between what time your body thinks it is and what time the clock says it is.

I am looking forward to feeling more present to my surroundings, and aware of my body's wisdom.

Whenever I'm more in my body and less in my head, I'm always feeling more awake to, awed by, and grateful for everyday abundance - I hope you get some of that, too!


Today, I want to ask you about your squad status.

Are you surrounding yourself with people who inspire you to be your whole glorious self?

I've been thinking about this since I watched the town hall that Oprah co-hosted with future POTUS Stacey Abrams

(If you haven't yet listened, do it today!)


There's a moment where Oprah talks about how weeks ago, she had a growing frustration with the voter suppression shenanigans in Georgia, and a desire to Do Something.

Being Oprah, she called Stacey.

Stacey recalls receiving the call - from O P R A H - and hearing Queen O ask her, "What can I do to help?"

And Stacey says,

"And I dreamed so small."

The audience laughs as Stacey remembers asking Oprah if she could maybe send out a tweet.

"I didn't even ask for Facebook!" she says.

But Oprah - being Oprah - had something bigger in mind.

Oprah was ready to show up and knock doors and host town halls.

Oprah was inspired by Stacey dreaming so big, she's running to be the first ever African American governor - of GEORGIA.

And Stacey is inspired and buoyed by Oprah's enthusiasm, and generosity, and example.

How bout you?

Do you surround yourself with women who are dreaming bigger, and who inspire and help you to dream big, too?

I do. Like:

My FB friend Tabitha has been canvassing for Beto in Texas every weekend for months. 


She's been knocking doors rain, shine, and wind, and she's been posting about it on FB.

She believes that we will win.

She inspired me to get out and canvass with my girls in VA this weekend and THAT FELT GREAT.


My mentor and fellow coach Susan Hyatt is constantly inspiring me to level up in every way. This woman is beyond badass, and is both completely glamorous and also 100% R E A L.

Susan takes great care of her body, and her workout posts like this one fired me up to get back to the gym and start lifting weights:


Susan is so generous with her spirit and example and authenticity, and connecting with her inspires me to show up more fully and generously, too.


This year, I've committed to expanding my coaching offerings, especially the way I create communities of women who are ready to grow and shine and change the world.


I felt a strong need for squad enhancement. I found a beyond badass mentor - Rachel Rodgers - and joined her amazing mastermind.

Rachel doesn't just inspire me. She challenges me.


Rachel expands my sense of what's possible: for me, for women, for the world. She takes badassery next level. This is inspiring and also - frankly - a little terrifying.

In a GREAT way.


Who's inspiring on your squad?

Who gets you fired up to level up?

Who asks, "What can I DO for you?"

Who gets you to dream bigger?

Who's there to boost you?

To push you?

To give you hope? 

To love and believe in you so much that you love and believe in yourself, too?

Invest in THOSE relationships. 

Or go find them.

Take it from Stacey and Oprah: THIS is how we change the world.

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