Behold the power of Yet

Hello friends,

My Hello 2019 message for you is about the Power of YET.


An elementary school teacher friend of mine told me 

that when she's instructing math,

she's also instructing Yet Thinking.

She helps the kids say things like

"I don't understand reducing fractions YET"


"I don't know my twelve times tables YET."


I declare that these skills and resources are on their way,

even though they're not here right now.

I can honor the reality of this present moment


I can own my power to shape the future.

I love this.


witness the difference:

"I can't figure out how to exercise regularly"


"I haven't YET figured out how to exercise regularly."


"I don't sleep well"


"I'm not sleeping well yet"

The former statements are stagnant. 

Bereft of your agency.

Stuck in the past-present.

Ignoring this essential reality:

Everything is always changing, and so are you.

Adding Yet is vitalizing.

Adding Yet re-inserts your creative power into the situation.

Adding Yet remembers that this present moment

is always blooming into the next one.

And so are you.

Adding Yet is adding fuel to the fire

of the transformation that you want to bring about.

This is always helpful . . .

but when the transformation you want is big

or when times are especially tough


One of my teachers, Brooke Castillo, gives this great example:

When a baby human is learning to walk,

they fall down a lot.

Often, it takes a while

before they're steady enough on their feet 

for a few steps.

As we watch the baby human,

we trust they haven't figured out walking YET.

No matter how many falls

no matter how much table and couch surfing

we don't say

"Eh, baby, it's not looking good."

We don't say,

"I guess you just can't walk."


We trust in the Yet.

We know they're figuring it out.

We understand that each time they push themselves back up

they're developing the strength they need to walk





go wherever they want to go.


What haven't you figured out Yet?

What power and freedom 

are you working toward right now?

Find a place in your life that's stuck




and make a Declaration of Yet.

"Here at the end of 2018, I haven't yet . . ."

And then have a good meal

and a nice walk

and then begin to make what is Not Yet

into what is Now Yours.

Happy New Year!

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