Why time travel when you can get present?

Hello good ones,

Are you feeling the big shift toward possibility?

Whether it's brought to us by the Mueller action this week & a soon-to-be Democratic House, or Jupiter in Sagittarius, or Michelle Obama's inspiring book, or simply the new year on the horizon,

Possibility is here.


Of course,

Possibility is always here.

It's an essential part of the ever-unfolding present.

But right now, my friends and clients and definitely my own self are awake to it.

And that's the key, darlings.

When we're open to possibility, we're  p r e s e n t.

Our minds are not, for the moment, doing their time-traveling thing.

We're not backtracking into the past, and deciding that How Things Have Been must dictate How Things Will Be.

We aren't carrying and nursing our tired old stories.

We're also not fretting into the future, and indulging fearfulness that spans from What Might Go Wrong to Worst Case Scenario.

We aren't pre-suffering stuff that hasn't even happened.


When we are open to possibility, we are asking ourselves:

How do I feel?

In my body, in my mind, in my heart: 

How do I feel?

If that feeling is salutary - if it promotes our whole-self wellness - then we feed it by taking action. By taking one small step that helps that feeling to grow.

I feel motivated, so I go for a long walk.

I feel relaxed, so I enjoy a lazy afternoon with my friend.


If that feeling is not salutary,

If it is holding me down, or holding me back,

If it would be beneficial for me to feel otherwise,

Then I ask myself:

1. How do I want to feel?

2. What do I need to think and believe to feel that way?

3. If I felt the way I want to feel, what would I do right now?

And I do it.

The key is this:

Possibility is in the present moment, where you are a living, breathing, feeling being.

Attuning to how you feel RIGHT NOW - and adjusting as beneficial - is how you step into the power of the possible.

You don't need a perfect plan.

You don't need all the right answers.

You don't need a guarantee that it will work.

You just need a next step that comes from where you are right now, and feeds your good feeling.

I'll leave you with advice from my teacher, Martha Beck:

If you find yourself getting nervous,
stop and relax for three full breaths.
Then take one small step, then another.
That is how people get to the top of Everest.

Here we are, superstars. Up we go.

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