Get on up out of Low Power Mode

Hello lovelies,

A rather extraordinary thing happened in the yoga class I taught Sunday morning.

I asked the good people - as I do every Sunday - how much energy they had, and they were like:


This is extraordinary, because pretty much since November 2016, my Sunday morning folks have been reporting looooooooooowwww energy.

But not yesterday.

What had people feeling so charged up? Hmm.

It was the end of a home cooking-based holiday weekend.

It was a much warmer, sunnier day than Saturday had been.

We can see now that there sure was a Blue Wave in the midterms.

Whatever the causes, it was so great to feel the groundedness, the strength, the brightness and clarity that emanates from well-rested, all-charged-up people.


In my coaching practice - including my self-coaching practice! - I think a lot about energy levels.

I and the folx with whom I work are committed to living fully and generously.

We tend to have a lot of projects.

We want to bring our very best to every situation: home, work, friends, kids, creativity, body, mind, friends, neighbors, pets . . .

It takes a lot of energy to roll like this, and our enthusiasm often leads to overextension.

Does this resonate with you?

Do you find yourself more often run down than charged up?

Try this:

1. Get clear on the answers to these questions:

What recharges me? 

What supports vitality in my body?

What boosts my mood?

What stimulates my curiosity?

List them. On paper. 

Star the ones that are fairly easy to integrate into your day:

10 minutes sitting in your favorite chair.

A few rows of knitting.

An astrology podcast.

Rubbing your feet with massage oil before you go to bed.

Put those on your to-do list, or into your phone calendar, or on your bathroom mirror.

2. Actually do them.

For this, you must know that energy-supportive, mood-boosting activities are not treats or rewards. 

They're imperatives. 

If you want to live fully and generously, you  M U S T  continually recharge.

It might help to begin by noticing what it's like to be all charged up, and what it's like to be in Low Power Mode.

What is your focus like?

How are your patience levels?

How much do you laugh?

And how much do you worry?

Notice how your day goes when you integrate little breaks and boosts and goodnesses into it.

And notice how things go when you hurl yourself through your day.

Experiment, and gather some data.

I bet - and hope - you'll find plenty to convince you that living a wild, precious, generous life requires

first and foremost,

again and again,

that you tend generously to the wild & precious you.

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