Slowing down can be scary AF.

Hello good ones,

Do you have any recurring dreams?


I have two.

One of them is the Can't Stop dream.

I'm piloting a vehicle

(usually a car)

and I'm pressing the brakes hard as I can

but I'm not slowing down

and I can't stop.

I never crash


I just wake up.


Funny enough:

in my waking life,

I have a history 

of not even to TRYING to slow down.

Slowing down has been somehow scarier

than simply speeding ahead.


I know I'm not alone.

When I teach yoga,

I feel for the lovely students

restless in their savasanas.

These badasses are more comfortable 

holding plank pose

or lunging for days

than they are just lying there

doing nothing.


Of course, this makes total sense

since our cutlure

values Doing above Being.


we're taught that What We Do 

is what makes us Worthy.

Worthy of love

of money

of resources

of rest.

No wonder it can be scary

to  p a u s e

let alone  S T O P.


In my dream,

I want to slow down yet can't

but I never crash.

In my waking life,

(less and less,

but still sometimes if I'm honest)

I resist slowing down

UNTIL I crash.

Get a cold.

Hurt my foot.

Can't sleep.



I'm getting better

at pressing  p a u s e 

more often

and more gently

in my everyday life.


So how does a badass

slow her roll?

Little breaks.

Teensy ones,

more and more often.


Sitting down to eat.

Having a cup of tea 

while looking out the window.

Putting your damn phone away.

(That damn phone is SO FAST).

Reading a chapter of a book

or knitting a few rows

or stretching on the floor

for just 5 minutes

in the middle of the day.

Writing in a journal.

Taking a moment to ask yourself:

How do I feel in my body?

How do I feel in my mind?

How do I feel in my heart?

Lying on the couch

or walking around the block

while breathing on purpose.


Expect that - especially at first -

especially if you've been going

full steam ahead

slowing down will be uncomfortable.

Like when the airplane lands

and you strain forward in your seat

as the momentum slows.

And / but ALSO


The more often you press pause

The easier it will be to slow down.

The less often you will find yourself




hurling yourself through your life.

The more you press pause

the more you slow down

the more present you will be

for yourself

your beloveds

your feelings

your intuition

your creativity

your whole wild & precious life.

In other words:

slow down

to wake up.

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