The obstacle is the opportunity.

Hello friends.

What does that mean, 

"The obstacle is the opportunity"?


It means that obstacles always show us

where we can grow.

It means that obstacles ask us

to get creative.

Obstacles give us boxes to think our way out of.

It means that obstacles help us

to get stronger.

When a baby is learning to walk,

gravity is an obstacle.

Every time it pulls her down

and she pushes herself back up again

she builds the strength she needs

to walk, and run, and be free.

Just like

when I go to the gym,

every weight is an obstacle.

Each time I lift the barbell

I build the strength I need

to carry what I need to carry,

literally and energetically.

Obstacles are here

to help us grow.

Obstacles are opportunities.

Trump is an opportunity

for a record number of women

to be motivated into government.

These darkest days of the year

are an opportunity

for you to discover your ability

to generate warmth and light from within.

Take a moment to consider that thing

that person

that shitty situation

that difficulty

that seems like it's in your way

and ask yourself:

Where is this obstacle

asking me to get stronger?

How is this obstacle

helping me grow?

Show yourself:

the obstacle is the opportunity.

Make it so.

natalie millerComment