How to feel badass in your bikini.


Last week

at the veeeeeeery end of my email

I included a little pic of myself in a bikini.

It was this one:


I had a couple others, actually,

that were taken the same day.

I had this one,

with my belly all stretched out

and the light doing a sculpty effect:


And I had this one, 

with the more "flattering"

(please note scare quotes)



I asked myself,

which pic is most inspiring?

Which lady seems the strongest?

Which is clearly a grown-ass woman?

Which bitch do I most want to be?


The real one.

The one who is fully herself.

The one who is done sucking it up

and sucking it in.


You noticed.

Dozens of you wrote to me

with thanks and compliments

for that Real Belly photo.

(I loved hearing from you - thank you!!)

To be clear, tho,

I didn't get here alone.

Very much on purpose

I surround myself with women

who are committed to loving their bodies.

I read tons of feminist work on body issues.

I follow body- and fat-positive folx on social media.

I reveled in watching the pool party episode

of Shrill on Netflix

as much as I reveled in reading that amazing book.

(If you haven't read & watched Shrill yet,

go do it right now RIGHT NOW).

In a world committed

to controlling women's bodies -

with everything from anti-choice legislation

to Spanx - 

freeing ourselves requires both

community and courage.

Community fortifies courage.

Courage inspires community.


Ain't no woman got time

for body loathing.

We have a world to change.

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