The rocks & stars wonder WTF you're waiting for.

Hello again from New Mexico!

Just a quick note today

as my baby girl flew in to join me last night

and we're spending the day in Santa Fe

going to crystal shops

and checking out Meow Wolf!


This year's retreat to Taos

(if I do say so myself)

was beyond fabulous.

I want to share with you

the bookend perspectives we got

from a geologist and an astronomer.


We began with Scott the geologist.

He took us on a desert hike

down to the Rio Grande

and told us how the river gorge began:

with a volcanic explosion so enormous

that it likely filled Earth's skies with ash

for years upon years.


We ended with Geoff the astronomer.

He brought us his giant telescope

and showed us Jupiter and his moons,

stellar nurseries,

and a view of a galaxy 23 million light years away.



Wherever you are on our globe of water & rock,

please remember:

you are a miracle of stardust and consciousness.

You are here on Planet Earth

for a droplet of time,

as the continent beneath your feet

is relatively peaceful,

and the star that shines upon us

glows just right.


so whatever it is your heart desires

(New work?

Different partner?

A week or day or month of vacation?)


We are here

for a splash of spacetime.

Remember -

no -


that you are a miracle.

Live like anything is possible,

and make the most

of your wild and precious life.


is conspiring

to support you.

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