How to lift what is very heavy.

Hello, good ones.

I woke up this morning feeling very November 9, 2016.

tired / angry / sad / sick / unbelieving / afraid

But then I thought about all of you.

I got up, made coffee, snuggled my sleepy dog, and wondered what I could say to help us all feel better.

Here goes!

This week at the gym, I learned how to do a deadlift. You know:


Deadlifting turns out to be quite like Being A Feminist in 2018.


1. I claim space in the male-dominated area. The free weights basement; Capitol Hill.

2. I look at the weight I'm about to lift and refuse to despair. The pounds of metal; the mounds of patriarchal bullshit.

3. I take an empowered stance, consciously and completely connecting my mind to my body. This means feeling into my feet - on the gym floor, on the steps of the Supreme Court - and also  b r e a t h i n g  on purpose.

* * * BTW, embodied action in a world intent on subjugating your body is THE MOST revolutionary * * *

4. I reach down to engage, shift my weight way back, and TRUST.

Trust in my inherent strength.

Trust the women who are helping me. The woman who's teaching me - my trainer at the gym, my trainer in civil disobedience - and the women lifting right next to me, also claiming the male-dominated space.

Trust that I can join them.

Trust that engaging like this will help me access more power.

Trust that I belong here.

Trust that I can.

5. I lift. Again and again. Until I need to rest.

6. I rest. On purpose. Unapologetically. Until I can lift again. SO THAT I can lift again.

* * * 

If you're thinking we're in a State of Emergency, you're right.

If you're feeling small and scared, I'm with you.


We are stronger together.

We can take turns doing the heavy lifting.

We can inspire one another.

We can join forces. 

Swing Left will tell you where to canvass.

This curated list of key races will tell you where to give your money.

Canvassing to get out the vote among your family and friends -  e s p e c i a l l y  if you are white!! - will make a difference. Do it.

And (again) RESTING and caring for your body is an essential aspect of being engaged. Eat real food. Drink water. Connect with nature. Go to bed early. Stretch and sweat. Snuggle your beloveds.

Let's do this.

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