your next move

with c Rene washington and natalie miller

Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2018   *    Willow Street Yoga Center    *    Silver Spring, MD

Life is too short to feel constricted and unhappy at work. Period.

Your Next Move is an empowering, immersive weekend for women who feel ready for a career change and want to explore their options from a centered, grounded place.

This weekend is for you if:

You feel stressed, unsatisfied, and frustrated at work, and you’re tired of hearing yourself complain about the same things over and over.

Photo Credit: Catherine McMahon

Photo Credit: Catherine McMahon

You are ready for a change. You fantasize about quitting your job, but worry that your desire is irresponsible or unrealistic.

You feel ambivalent about what to do next - stay in your current position? Seek a promotion? Switch to a different company? Follow a different calling altogether?

You've been considering retirement, but need your next endeavor to be meaningful and engaging. 

You're exhausted by all the "Should I . . ." wondering. You wish you had the support of a career mentor, and an amazing group of inspiring, wise, caring friends, to start getting clarity and making real change.

Our weekend includes:

* All-levels yoga and guided relaxation practices, to help you consider your life from a grounded and centered place.

* Engaging exercises, worksheets, and conversations that help you explore your values, your purpose (or dharma), and your personal definition of success.

* Guidance from René and Natalie - two Master Certified life coaches with two very different career paths - as you gain clarity and courage about how you most need your work to shift, and what that might look like.

* Instruction in empowering self-coaching practices that will help you slay doubts and foster confidence and creativity 

* Support and encouragement from the other women in the group, including a Friday lunch to get to know one another.

* A post-workshop 1:1 phone coaching session with either Natalie or Rene to keep you on track 

* Post-workshop access to a private Facebook group for additional support - and a place to celebrate! - as you begin to Make Your Moves. 

You'll leave this workshop with:

* Clear and deep perspective on what makes work fulfilling for you, and which changes will make the biggest difference.

* An understanding of how to begin evolving your career in a sane, realistic way.

* A new group of friends that can provide you support and, if you like, a little accountability.

* Enhanced self-understanding, optimism, and motivation - just in time for 2019!

Photo Credit: Yavan Sopian

Photo Credit: Yavan Sopian

Results from Your Next Move 2017:

Our first cohort of Movers has stayed in touch as they’ve evolved their situations: they meet for coffee, they connect in a group online, and many of them continue to grow with us.

More than half of them have new work situations. A few have started their own businesses. Others have created ways to enjoy the jobs they already had.

Here’s what they say about their experiences:

From Shoshanna, who scored a new position as Executive Director of an organization she admired:

On the first day of the retreat, I wrote in my journal about what brought me here. I don't feel valued at my job. I don't enjoy the work environment, I want to spend more time with my daughter, I want to find out what I'm good at, I want to connect movement/my body with my career, I want to get courage to quit my job and find my voice. 

Walking through the process of transformation over the retreat weekend was perfect. I met wonderful women with similar struggles and Rene and Natalie built a space where we could be open and authentic with each other. 

By mid-March I had found my dream job. I quit the old job and that day wrote in my journal: I will be spacious, I will be open, I will be free, I will laugh, I will breathe, I will reinvent myself again. The coaching has opened up so many opportunities for me to be true to myself and to be my best self.

from Heidi, on the first day of her new endeavor:

Yesterday was my last day at the job - I'm done! I feel such a tremendous sense of freedom and empowerment. Thank you for the role you've played in helping me to get to this place. You have a magical way of asking just the right questions to clarify thinking. 

I'm working on building my business and keeping my eyes open for other opportunities that speak to me. Optimism. Strength. Open. So many words pop in my mind as mantras for this summer. 

I'm feeling so grateful this morning, for all that I've learned about myself in the past year. Thank you for being a part of this change for the better!

From Alicia, a week after the retreat:

The weekend helped declutter my head - the past few days I have felt much more able to decide what's important and work on that, vs getting pulled around by everything going on around me. 

I have been more trusting of myself in saying yes to the possibility of something new vs clinging tooth and nail to the old comfortable routine. It's all information, right - if it's not the right move then there will be another one from there. 

Also, I’m pushing harder to have more time working at home, which is where I am today!


Women at all stages in their careers - including considering retirement - are welcome in this workshop. 

Our schedule is:

Friday: 9:30-6p (includes group lunch) 
Saturday: 1-5p
Sunday: 1-5p

Each session includes grounding, all-levels yoga practice, group coaching, and plenty of time for self-reflection.

Remember: our retreat extends beyond the weekend: into 1:1 work with either Natalie or René and in dedicated online forum!

Your investment is:

$900 before Nov 1

$1,200 after.

We have a small scholarship fund available; if you're interested, tell us about your situation in the Let's Chat! form below.

Questions? Not sure if this is for you? Let’s chat!

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