I work with all kinds of women.

Boss ladies, activists, teachers, veeps, artists, mothers, lawyers, coaches, writers, solopreneurs.

Badass, visionary, high-achieving, never-enough women

who’ve achieved themselves into roles they don’t really want

and are ready to create a luminous, self-honoring life.

Is this you?

you are a hard-working feminist

Grateful for this gorgeous photo by  Sammie Vasquez  on  Unsplash

Grateful for this gorgeous photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash

You have high standards:

for the world,

for your communities,

and especially for yourself.

You do extraordinary work, and have the achievements to show for it.

You tend to make your way to leadership positions.

You’re first to take on the hardest assignments, and the extra work.

You can be a bit of a perfectionist,

but you don’t love that about yourself,

so you tell people you’re a Recovering Perfectionist.

People say, “We wish we could clone you.”

And until recently

(maybe even until just now)

you took that as a compliment.

But you don’t want to be thought of as a high-performing machine.

You want to be honored as a whole human being.

you tend toward self-doubt and worry

Photo by  Darius Bashar  on  Unsplash

Despite your badassery

(and there is AMPLE evidence of that)

you have a hard time trusting yourself.

This makes sense:

our culture has - for centuries -

declared We Can’t Trust Women.

And of course that affects you.

It’s unsettling:

While you know deep deep down

that you are powerful

and that you can do anything

you really want to do . . .

your mind tends to get stuck.

It swirls with worries and What Will People Think

Gets mired in self-doubt and What If It Doesn’t Work.

This keeps you stuck, too.

you are ready to evolve

Madly in love with this photo by  Melissa Westbrook  on  Unsplash

Madly in love with this photo by Melissa Westbrook on Unsplash

Deep down you know:

you don’t really like this life

you’re working so damned hard to have.


So now you’re ready for better.

You are ready to do work you love

that makes your heart sing

and makes the world better

and makes your resources grow.

You are ready to treat your body with respect.

You are ready for healthy relationships

and strong boundaries.

You are ready to learn how to give yourself a break

both literally and figuratively.

You are ready to be your whole self

without apology.

You are ready to G R O W.


If this resonates

if you see yourself in these portraits

if thinking about this is sobering and inspiring

and if you want, so much,

to create a life

in which you can be your whole, beautiful, messy, evolving self?

Then you might like to get to know me.