Ready? Let’s go!

Here are three little things you can do to prep for the Challenge.

One: Get set on the communications front

Tell your email program that messages from me - natalie@nataliekmiller.com - are cool.

Join TimeWitchery, my free Facebook group. That’s where the daily Live videos will happen.

(If you’re Facebook-averse, skip that step . . . you’ll get daily emails, but miss out on my TED talks and the community aspect. :) )

Two: Watch yourself worrying about Other People’s Opinions

Notice in which situations - and with whom, specifically - you worry about What People Are Thinking.

Notice what you imagine they’re thinking.

Notice how that wondering and worrying affects you. How do you feel in your body? How do act in the situation?

It might be helpful to keep a little journal of all this.

Two: Get going on those Self-Kind Treats

Be your own Valentine, starting now.

Buy yourself flowers.

Schedule a massage.

Have a sparkly water, or a fancy tea.

Take yourself for a walk at lunchtime.

Make your bed with your favorite sheets.

Wear your favorite undergarments.


(And meanwhile notice: how your mind responds to all this, what gets in the way, and how you feel when you do it)

I can’t wait to hear what you do, and how it goes!