Praise for Natalie's Group Coaching

"If there is part of you that is struggling or asking for changes in your life, working with Natalie gives you ideas, tools, space and
support to learn more and make moves. This is not easy work, but it helps you be more of your real self, engaged in the world in
meaningful, authentic ways. This is more than just reading a book, it is entering into a process of transformation." 
- R.H.


"Natalie's multi-week classes provide me with a space to focus on myself and get support from others who are on their own journeys. 
The community has a very Real vibe. Everyone is very open, and willing to learn and share together. There is no judgment in this space." 
- Y.M.


"Working with Natalie has been transformative. I took her class because I was super-frustrated with a stuck situation. Natalie's coaching, empathy, humor, and understanding have freed me to new possibilities. They've helped not only that particular situation but my whole life to feel more empowered. I understand what I bring to life more fully. I laugh more. I love my people more. I feel more at home in my own life, in my own skin." 
- E.T.


"I started doing these classes because I was sick of hearing the same loops in my head about what I should or shouldn't do, and tired of overthinking things and beating myself up. In our group sessions, I feel heard, valued, and not overly vulnerable. There is so much trust and camaraderie among us, which allows me to be present, open, want to do the homework, listen, learn, be rather transparent. I'm grateful for the time and space to explore thoughts and feelings that I have been stifling and shutting down for awhile." 
- L.C.


"I was expecting a class where we talked about things and ideas of how to take care of ourselves. What I did not expect that we would be supported with researched and validated tools, models, and techniques. As I use these, I see a huge difference from how I felt before the class and how I feel after the 10 week session. Take this class! It is empowering! It gives you tools for life!" 
- J.L.


"Natalie creates an environment where everyone feels able to share their lives out loud. I think she creates this partly with her generosity in sharing her own life, and also with her ability to listen so completely and move people so gently through difficult feelings. I learn so much from other people's sharings as well as my own. Through this experience, I grew to respect my own feelings while learning new ways to respond to them, and to be more fully present in my life." 
- S.W.