New Moon


find your best way forward

with astrology, creativity, and community

When the sun and moon conjoin in the sky, our nights are dark and starry. Tradition says this is a perfect time to pause, self-reflect, listen deep within, and set intuitive intentions for our best way forward.

Join me for monthly SoulCollage®️ practice, a creative and intuitive process through which we invite our minds to listen to the embodied wisdom of our hearts and guts. SoulCollage®️ is excellent for strengthening our ability to listen in, and for integrating the various aspects of ourselves.

In each workshop, we’ll explore the astrological themes of the particular month’s New Moon, then create a meaningful, beautiful, self-expressive collage. After our closing ritual, we’ll leave with deeply-seeded, soul-felt intention for the next lunar cycle, and the support of our circle.

You’ll awaken and listen to the various parts of yourself, and nurture your inner witch. You’ll learn to make a New Moon altar at home, get reflection questions for the month ahead, and spark plenty of magic in your life.

Everybody welcome – no matter how creative/artistic you believe you are – and all materials for your first session are provided.


$50 per session