Meet & Greet Worthiness Warm-Up 

Friday, Nov 1 * 1-5:30p * Pismo Beach, CA

Dearest introverts, perfectionists, and self-conscious worriers:

If you’re finding the idea of the Meet & Greet intriguing

(but also a little intimidating)

here’s the perfect way to begin your weekend!

Join me the day before the big get-together

for a sweet, low-key, small-group start to your M&G experience, including:

  • Time, space, and support for settling your lizards

  • Delightful interactive exercises to help you connect meaningfully with fellow cadets

  • Evocative, creative workshop activities - including guided visualization and SoulCollage® - to call forth your Stargazer Self, so you can begin the weekend feeling centered and open.

Our workshop is just down the promenade from The Cliffs at the Spyglass Inn (if you’re staying at the Cliffs, we’ll meet there in the lobby at 12:45p and make the short walk over to Spyglass together).

Sound like a perfect beginning?

The Worthiness Warm-Up is $197 early bird (by Sept 15); $297 thereafter.

Early birds are also invited to register for both Friday’s Warm Up AND Monday’s Craft a Stellar Coaching Offer for $797.

Craft a Stellar Coaching Offer

Monday, Nov 4 * 9a - 5p * Pismo Beach, CA

Are you ready to start charging for coaching, but not quite sure where to start?

Wondering about pros and cons of selling packages vs a la carte sessions vs coaching charged by the month?

Interested in the ins-and-outs of phone vs video vs in-person coaching?

Curious about how to begin to offer small group coaching in workshops, retreats, your workplace, and/or through recurring group meetings?

Worrying about how you’ll get the word out?

Uncertain - and maybe a little (or lot) lizardy - about  P R I C I N G?

In this daylong workshop, we’ll take a thorough look at all of the above, as well as all your other concerns that come up along the way.

This workshop is a perfect way to take all your post-Meet & Greet insights, inspiration, and energy, and use them to forge coaching offers that feel both daring and doable.

It's also an immersion into the offer-creating process that will help you work efficiently and effectively as you continue to grow your business.

Here’s the plan:

Monday morning - Dream a Perfect-for-You Coaching Practice - includes:

  • An overview of approaches to offering 1:1 coaching, and ways to determine which is right for you

  • An exploration of myriad group coaching schemas, and how they can help you build your business

  • Exercises to help you articulate (and maybe even discover!) who’s your current Ideal Client, what they want, and what's your best way to serve them

  • Time to ask me all your who-what-when-where-how questions (if I haven’t tried it myself, I bet I know someone who has!)

Monday afternoon - Scheme a Ready-to-Go Coaching Offer - features:

  • Dedicated time and individualized support for you to get clear about the best offer to use to begin building your business

  • Specific copy-writing exercises to help you create compelling descriptions for your offer

  • Guidance in making decisions around pricing and payment terms

  • Assistance in creating a plan to market your offer in a way that feels generous and (relatively) unintimidating

Our group is small, so throughout the day, you’ll get tons of personalized attention and specific feedback from me. 

I intend you to leave not only with clarity and confidence around your coaching offer, but also the majority of the prep work already done! 


One month later -  Square Three Follow Up - is a Zoom video conference that offers:

  • An opportunity for you to ask further questions and address any snags that have arisen for you

  • A place to share successes and struggles, and receive follow up coaching

  • Perhaps best of all: knowing you’ll meet to talk about your progress gives you added motivation and accountability to make your dream into a money-making reality!

We’ll find a day and time for our Zoom conference all together.

In short:

Craft a Stellar Coaching Offer gives you

information and insight

expertise from me and camaraderie from fellow coaches

dedicated time and focused space

to begin to build your business.

Space is limited, to ensure an intimate group and plenty of personalized attention.

All MBI coaches - not only those about to graduate from WLCT! - are welcome!

Craft a Stellar Coaching Offer is $697; early birds can add Friday’s Worthiness Warm-Up for a total of $797.


A little about me

I’m a Master Certified Wayfinder Coach,

with a background in teaching everything from expository writing to yoga to coach training.

I also owned and directed a successful yoga studio for a decade,

and have helped dozens of teachers create fabulous programs

that feature their strengths and suit their own interests.

As an experienced coach / teacher / entrepreneur,

I know you’ll be most successful when I don’t tell you what to do,

but rather ask you questions that help you figure it out for yourself.


my own coaching manifests in myriad ways.

I coach small groups with special focus,

offer 1:1 coaching to individuals and entrepreneurs

and lead retreat experiences that blend coaching with creativity and movement.

In short,

I create ways for clients to evolve in community,

by doing what I, myself, most love.

I adore helping you to do the same!