Meet & Greet Worthiness Warm-Up 

Friday, Nov 1 * 1-5:30p * Pismo Beach, CA

Dearest introverts, perfectionists, and self-conscious worriers:

If you’re finding the idea of the Meet & Greet intriguing

(but also a little intimidating)

here’s the perfect way to begin your weekend!

Join me the day before the big get-together

for a sweet, low-key, small-group start to your M&G experience, including:

  • Time, space, and support for settling your lizards

  • Delightful interactive exercises to help you connect meaningfully with fellow cadets

  • Evocative, creative workshop activities - including guided visualization and SoulCollage® - to call forth your Stargazer Self, so you can begin the weekend centered, open, and wholly YOU.

Our workshop is just down the promenade from The Cliffs at the Spyglass Inn (if you’re staying at the Cliffs, we’ll meet there in the lobby at 12:45p and make the short walk over to Spyglass together).

Sound like a perfect beginning?

The Worthiness Warm-Up is $197, and you are 100% worth it.


A little about me

I’m a Master Certified Wayfinder Coach,

with a background in teaching everything from expository writing to yoga to coach training.

As an experienced coach / teacher / entrepreneur,

I know you’ll be most successful when I don’t tell you what to do,

but rather ask you questions that help you figure it out for yourself.


my own coaching manifests in myriad ways.

I coach small groups with special focus,

offer 1:1 coaching to individuals and entrepreneurs

and lead retreat experiences that blend coaching with creativity and movement.

In short,

I create ways for clients to evolve in community,

by doing what I, myself, most love.

I adore helping you to do the same!