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Honoring Body, Soul, & Self in Taos

Nov 11-17, 2018   *    Mabel Dodge Luhan House    *    Taos, NM

 Welcome to Mabel's house!

Welcome to Mabel's house!

Retreating from Busyness as Usual

In the midst of to-do lists and news cycles, 

and under the weight of responsibilities and expectations,

it is easy to lose ourselves a bit.

In the Busyness, we can't help but privilege Doing over Being.

We ask so much - honestly, too much - of our bodies and minds.

We push through, and don't make time to process life's happenings.

And so,

We long to slow down.

To just BE for a minute.

To take the time to listen to our bodies and hearts.

To access, honor, and trust our Inner Knowing.

To experience everyday life as full of beauty and magic.

To love and tend our Whole Selves. 

 A sitting room at Mabel's - one of our shared spaces.

A sitting room at Mabel's - one of our shared spaces.

Escape to Reality at Mabel's House

The village of Taos, New Mexico is a magical place: the earth cool and steady, the sky bluer than you can imagine, the sunlit air sparkling and alive.

Nestled at the end of a quiet road not far from the village center is Mabel Dodge Luhan's house, a rambling hacienda that served as a vibrant homebase for all sorts of Creatives in the early 20th century.

Ansel Adams decided to become a photographer here. Georgia O'Keeffe made her first paintings of New Mexico. Willa Cather, D.H. Lawrence, and Aldous Huxley wrote; Carl Jung pondered; Martha Graham tapped into the electric atmosphere.

Today, Mabel's house is an inn and retreat center that continues the tradition of bringing together people who want to be more fully themselves and, as Mabel put it, "escape to reality."

This place is beyond charming: welcoming with its adobe construction and quirky interiors, and inspiring with its history and panoramic views.

November is a gorgeous time of year in Taos. Nights are starry, chilly, and scented with piñon wood burning in fireplace; days are beautiful, with highs in the low 60s.

We'll spend 7 days and 6 nights here, soaking up the grounded, nurturing, spacious, inspiring energy of this extraordinary place.

Mabel’s place beats anything you can imagine about it —
it is simply astonishing.
— georgia o'keeffe

Honoring Body

The spacious and grounding daily schedule of this retreat encourages a calming re-set of your circadian rhythms.

You're invited to do any or all of the following:

Wake up with the sun for coffee/tea and guided meditation/journaling.

Enjoy deeply nurturing, nothing-to-prove daily yoga.

Practice mind/body techniques that help you access and heed your body's wisdom.

Commune in Mabel's cozy dining space for three extraordinarily delicious, healthy, and prepared-with-love daily meals.

Learn new ways to help yourself to sleep.

Walk about town. Breathe fresh mountain air. Nap in your room. Feel the sun on your skin. Cuddle up in front of the fireplace.

Come spend a day soaking at the hot springs at Ojo Caliente (and maybe have a spa treatment or massage while you're there!)

Every day, for 7 days: do what feels Good.

 Our spacious, wood-smelling yoga room is even lovelier in person.

Our spacious, wood-smelling yoga room is even lovelier in person.

Hot springs and Horses

In addition to your body-loving daily schedule, you'll have two more opportunities to connect viscerally with this extraordinary place. Like everything about this retreat, these are optional: join in if you're interested, and enjoy a spacious day at Mabel's if you're not!

One, a day trip to Ojo Caliente, a nearby resort with hot springs and excellent spa services. We'll drive over after breakfast, and luxuriate around all afternoon.

Two, a day with horses.

Yes, horses!

You'll have the option to spend a day at the Equine Spirit Horse Sanctuary, and experience an Equus coaching session with Master Coaches Jennifer Voss and Jen Johnsen.

In Equus work, your coach and a horse partner up to help you get a deeply felt understanding of how you're showing up in the world, where you're getting stuck, and how it feels to move with empowered integrity.

Equus work doesn't involve horseback riding; rather, it's a chance for a horse to help you to see - and even better, to feel - how you connect energetically with other beings. With Jennifer's support, your time with a horse will help you get clarity around your energetic entanglements.

Jennifer writes eloquently about Equus coaching here.

 Jennifer and her equine coach. The horse is happy to follow, because she is happy to lead.

Jennifer and her equine coach. The horse is happy to follow, because she is happy to lead.

Honoring Soul

Under vast New Mexican skies, and in the artists' haven of Taos, your sense of What's Possible will expand.

You'll begin to receive the flashes of insight, inspiration, and intuitive knowing that come when you take time to Be.

To support this Soul connection, I'll host three group life coaching workshops that offer you different ways to hear your Inner Voice.

You'll also find ample venues for inspiration in Taos itself. 

From Mabel's house, it's an easy walk to the pretty village full of galleries, boutiques, and a small plaza.

And it's a short drive to Taos Pueblo, where you can invest in a guided tour of a living Native American community.


Throughout the retreat, you will have total freedom to choose and ample free time. You're encouraged to do whatever brings you energy: resting and reflecting, adventuring with fellow retreaters, participating in workshops and outings, or cuddling up at the house with your knitting.

 Mabel's lovely kitchen & dining space.

Mabel's lovely kitchen & dining space.

Being Yourself, In Community

Last year, my vibrant group of Taos retreaters coined a term to describe what it is we did together:


We "enMabeled" - that is, we became more and more confident in both our generosity and our self-assertion. We got more and more comfortable doing what we felt like doing. We spoke our minds, we shared the last cookie, we were courageous adventurers and also luxuriating homebodies.

Throughout the retreat, we'll endeavor to do what Mabel's guests have done for almost 100 years: become more fully ourselves, together, by giving each other both space and support. 

What's Included

* 7 days, 6 nights lodging

* all breakfasts, all lunches, and 5 dinners at Mabel's: all healthy, delicious, and accommodating your dietary sensitivities

* morning meditation & journaling and daily yoga with Natalie, to help you feel grounded and spacious

* three self-connection workshops with Natalie, to bolster your access to Inner Knowing

* a day trip to the hot springs at Ojo Caliente, to immerse you in earthly magic

* an Equus coaching session with Jennifer Voss and Jen Johnsen, to give you a felt experience of empowered Being 

We begin Sunday evening with dinner, and close the following Saturday morning with early practice and a farewell breakfast. 

Getting There

Fly in to Albuquerque or Santa Fe, then have a beautiful drive to Taos, either by shuttle or rented car.

Albuquerque is about 2.5 hours away; Santa Fe a little less than 2 hours. Most folks arrive in New Mexico in the morning, and make their way to Mabel's in the early afternoon. (Rooms are ready around 3p, though you're welcome to arrive before then. Arrive by 6p for dinner, please!).

We are happy to connect retreaters interested in sharing a car ride or coordinating a shuttle, so that you can make travel plans together.

the rooms

There are two homes nestled on the grounds: the Historic (Main) House, and Juniper House. Every guest room at Mabel's is different, and all are sweet and full of character.

Here, have a look at the marvelous rooms!

First retreat registrants get first room choices; please share your top three picks, and we'll do our best to get you what you want.

Private Rooms (queen or full bed, en suite bath)



3 payments of $950 (first upon registering, second on June 1, third on Sept 1)*

Shared Rooms (for two people; two twins or one queen bed with en suite bath)



3 payments of $800 (first upon registering, second on June 1, third on Sept 1)*

You may request a roommate (let us know if you want twins or a queen), OR we are happy to place you with someone.

*The payment plan is available through June 1.

Payment & Policies

Payment is via mailed check or online with credit card.

If you opt for paying in three installments, you'll receive invoices for the second and third payments about a week before they're due.

Payment is required to secure your spot and confirm your room choice.

Cancellations & Refunds

My commitment to Mabel's House makes me unable to offer any refunds - though I'm happy to accommodate you finding someone else to take your spot!

If you're concerned about this, please consider purchasing travel insurance.

Three Reasons To Register Now

1. To get the room you really really want!

2. To know that this year, as we journey toward Winter, you'll look forward to a whole bright week to recharge your Being, body and soul.

3. To join an amazing group of people and try out enMabelment for yourself.

claim your space / ask a question 

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Up here under the sky, winter and summer, one can lie in the sunshine and bathe in it until ‘untied are the knots in the heart,’ for there is nothing like the sun for smoothing out all difficulties.
— Mabel Dodge Luhan, winter in taos