Clear the Way for 2017: A Workbook

thank you Brigitte Tohm for this sparkly photo

thank you Brigitte Tohm for this sparkly photo

Before we head into the New Year, let's extract what was good and golden from 2016.

No - really - I'm sure there was *something* good and golden.

Let's remember what brings joy and meaning into our lives, and growth and evolution into ourselves.

I made you an 11-page workbook, Clear the Way for 2017, of questions and self-reflection exercises to help you do just that.

I believe 2017 is demanding that we Bring It - that we show up, that we speak out, that we be fully and wholly ourselves. What empowers you to do that?

Here: get clear. Print this baby out. Collect a snack and a beverage, a good pen, a pleasant place to work, and an hour or so to yourself.

Yes please I would like this workbook.