new year’s evolution

resolve to evolve

tend your intentions

live your best life

Another year, almost done. How was 2018 for you?

Have you been living on purpose?


Are you making self-honoring choices?

Are you balancing work and rest, giving and receiving, desire and contentment?

Are you listening to and learning from the deep inner voice telling you how to be free?

Are you taking chances, making life changes big and small, and betting on yourself?

Yes? Let’s take it Next Level, together.

Not so much? Well, you’re reading this, so looks like you’re on your way.

better than resolutions: evolution

The success rate for New Year’s Resolutions is estimated to be 8%.


I know why, though.

Most people don’t treat Resolutions like living, breathing ways of being we’re trying to bring to life.

Intentions need love and care if they’re going to transform our reality.

We need to care for our intentions like we tend a fire.

This lovely photo is by  Timothy Meinberg  on  Unsplash

This lovely photo is by Timothy Meinberg on Unsplash

We need to set them up with skill and care.

Then - especially at the beginning - we do a lot of (at)tending.

We’ll need to stoke our intentions regularly.

Sometimes we’ll need to add a little more fuel.

Sometimes we’ll need to reorganize: to make more space for the intentions, and for ourselves, to breathe.

Eventually we’ll need to let burn the identities and circumstances we’ve outgrown,

so what is more vital, more alive for us, can emerge.

This takes commitment and courage and sustained attention.

That’s where the Evolution comes in.

witches get shit done

In New Year’s Evolution, you’ll join me to co-create life-changing magic.

We will thrive in 2019, personally and collectively.

We will kick off the next year of our wild & precious lives on brilliant, inspiring purpose.

This will make us happier and healthier, yes. But even bigger than that:

It will bring more integrity to our relationships.

More balance to our households.

More creativity and generosity to our work.

When we evolve, so do our communities.

When we shine, we light the way for our friends, daughters, co-workers.

This. Is. Necessary.


Our circle of badass women will spend the first month of the year:

  • ritualizing and prioritizing self-reflection and self-tending

  • accessing deep, intuitive wisdom to guide our choices

  • supporting & inspiring one another in group calls and a private online forum

  • stoking our intentions until they burn steady and bright

  • delighting together as we begin to make powerful changes, big and small, in everyday life and the world around us.


Course Components

Enrollment in New Year’s Evolution gives you 33 days of excellent support, Dec 30 through Jan 31.

Here’s what you get:

  • My inspiring, multiplex, dig-deep New Year’s Evolution Workbook, with myriad self-reflection exercises both mystical and practical.

    The NYE Workbook teaches you self-coachey ways to look back at 2018 and forward to 2019, so you move into the new year with profound insight and clear intention. Here’s what my client MaryKate says about my NYE guided reflections:

    I have used your New Year's workbooks and reflections for years (3? 4?) - and they are a true gift to my life. I am living in a more aligned, compassionate, and hopeful way because of the insights I have gained from this practice.


  • 3 Zoom video calls:

    • a kickoff on Sunday afternoon, Dec 30

    • a New Moon gathering on Sunday afternoon, Jan 6

    • a Full Moon celebration on Sunday afternoon, Jan 20

    • All calls are at 3p EST, include group coaching, and will be recorded for later listening!

  • A private discussion forum in our secret Facebook group, which will include:

    • Daily prompts to help you bring your workbook insights into your everyday life

    • A weekly Facebook Live where I offer inspiration and focus: Mondays at 2p EST. These are recorded for later viewing

    • A dedicated place to share your successes and struggles in the company of fabulous, inspiring women

    • So many fun & motivating surprises . . . like lots of mini challenges with * * * p r i z e s * * *. Luxe prizes.

    • Access to me! In the group, you can ask all your questions, as well as receive and witness a little coaching.

  • $100 off registration for my New Year’s Evolution workshops in Silver Spring, MD, on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

options for enhancing your enrollment

Your contents are not exactly these contents! I just loved this gorgeous photo by  Joanna Kosinska  on  Unsplash

Your contents are not exactly these contents! I just loved this gorgeous photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash


Whether you are a little woo or a lot woo, this Magic Kit will charm the time and space you spend with your workbook. The Magic Kit will help you to ritualize your reflections, and also give you beautiful, embodied cues to remember your intentions.

The Magic Kit includes:

  • Three collage cards with protective sleeves to capture your inspired self-expression

  • A crystal resonant with the specific energies you’re ready to bring into your life

  • A pretty little candle

  • A stick of Palo Santo for clearing your space

  • Some little surprise that tells me it wants to be with you

1:1 Coaching

In individualized coaching, I ask you questions that help you to clarify your best way forward . . . and, often more importantly, figure out exactly what’s getting in your way.

1:1 time will help you to move mountains: first in your thinking, and then in your life.

If you’d like personalized support as you step into 2019, add 1:1 coaching to your enrollment. You’ll receive two 60min 1:1 sessions to use anytime in January-March, 2019.

invest & enroll

New Year’s Evolution + NYE workbook + Magic Kit + 1:1 Coaching: $795

New Year’s Evolution + NYE workbook + Magic Kit: $395

NYE workbook only: $60

I can’t wait to watch us make the sparks fly!

Questions? Need some scholarship help? Drop me a line.