living yoga: nurturing self-trust

Thursdays, Sept 21 - Dec 7   *   7-8:45p   *   Willow Street Yoga, Takoma Park

When you listen deep, deep down – underneath all the Shoulds – what is it that you really want in your one wild and precious life?

Maybe you want work that’s more fulfilling, but can’t muster the courage to go after a new gig.

Or you want more peace and joy at home, but keep getting drawn into hustle or struggle.

Or you are yearning to explore a different side of yourself, but seem always to be too relentlessly busy to give yourself the time and space to do so.

Maybe most of all, you want to ease up on the self-doubt and self-criticism, stop worrying so much and live already.

“Just trust yourself; then you will know how to live.” – Goethe

Self-trust is at the heart of courageous, dharmic living. It is your wellspring of confidence and conviction, and it grows stronger as you learn to tap into and rely upon all your inner resources.

This Fall’s Living Yoga helps you nurture self-trust by strengthening your connection to inner resources in myriad ways:


yoga & meditation

Each week, we will practice grounding, calming yoga and breathing to settle our nervous systems. You'll also create a personalized, effective meditation practice, and learn how to integrate it into your everyday life.


self-coaching techniques

Through creative and sometimes challenging exercises, you will learn to consult your body wisdom, to develop your intuition, to tap into your right-brain power, and to identify and let go of limiting beliefs.



It is excellent to flock together with like-hearted, strange and courageous birds. Through connection in and between classes, we create a supportive, inspiring collective. We laugh a lot, cry a little, learn and really grow.

This Living Yoga course includes:

* Eleven class meetings, Thursday evenings. Classes include all-levels yoga practice, group coaching, discussion, and engaging exercises to give you practical ways to cultivate your inner resources.

* Two 1:1 coaching sessions, scheduled at your convenience during the Fall.

* A private online forum in which you get additional resources, coaching, and a chance to connect.

Interested but don't live in these parts, or can't make Thursday nights? Consider joining my Friday teleclass.

Ready to register for one of the few spots? Here you go: