retreat with emma Magenta Natalie miller 


love your body

march 2-10, 2019

villa sumaya, lake atitlán, guatemala

It's time.

Time to make peace with our bodies.

Time to rest without feeling lazy or selfish.

Time to enjoy food without feeling bad.

Time to take time for ourselves without feeling guilty.

It is high time to stop feeling so damn lazy, selfish, bad, and guilty.


We are ready to cultivate deep love and appreciation of our human bodies.

We long for self-kindness.

We're done obsessing over numbers.

Done counting our pounds, measurements, steps, calories, and age to see how worthy we are of love.

We want to feel beautiful in our clothes, in our bathing suits, in our birthday suits.

We are hungry for support, inspiration, courage, and body-loving community.

We need a break.

 A liberating, restorative, revolutionary break.

Let's go do it together.

Dancing Yoga.jpg
 This really is the view from the yoga practice room.

This really is the view from the yoga practice room.

retreat to Villa sumaya

Villa Sumaya is a beautiful retreat center perched on the edge of Lake Atitlán. All its spaces - from the gorgeous yoga studio pictured here, to the airy communal dining rooms, to the pretty little meditation alcoves and lovely guest rooms - encourage deep connection with the simple pleasures of embodiment.

With myriad spaces to explore and relax, Villa Sumaya offers both opportunities for adventurous connection and plenty of breathing room.

Our retreat's group activities and ample free time will take full advantage of Villa Sumaya's location & amenties. If alone time especially feeds your soul, you can read by the pool, get a massage, take naps, swim in the lake, go for a walk, and feel free to lounge in your pretty room.

Villa Sumaya feeds us meals full of plants and cooked with love, hosts us with generous Guatemalan hospitality, and offers a breath-giving view everywhere you look. 

let's learn to love our bodies

Traveling to such a beautifully different part of the world gives us a change of pace, scenery, and perspective that is deeply liberating.

We will take advantage of our distance from busyness-as-usual to create new freedom and friendliness in our relationships with our bodies. Doing this in community, with the support and camaraderie of fellow women, helps us to create powerful, lasting change.

We'll offer twice-daily, all-levels, body-kind yoga practice to help us to feel good and grounded in our new environment. In addition, each day will feature a special workshop or excursion designed to help us find more peace, love, and understanding in our bodies.

Emma draws on her expertise in biomechanics to help us move with more strength, ease, and respect for our evolving bodies; Natalie uses her skills as a Master Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, and certified BARE Method Coach, to encourage an empowering shift in the way we see and treat ourselves.

 Dining space, where we'll practicing eating without self-criticism.

Dining space, where we'll practicing eating without self-criticism.



Hi, we're natalie and emma

We are are yoga teachers and studio owners, and also friends and badass women.

As yoga teachers, we aim to create practices that are empowering and friendly. We teach with attention to biomechanics and alignment - not to make you "do it right," but to help you feel good. In our practices, we blend inspiration, relaxation, healthy challenge, deep presence, and compassionate self-acceptance.

We intend yoga to help you love your whole, evolving self.

As yoga studio leaders, we know that yoga is most powerful in diverse community. We are committed to the ongoing, momentous, joyful labor of creating spaces and practices that nurture all bodies, in a world that is intent on controlling and denigrating most bodies.

As friends, feminists, and badasses, we are openly works in progress. We do our best to show up as our whole, funny, confident, weird, generous, evolving selves. And we love it when you do, too.

a day in the retreat

Each day will be a little different, but every day will give you opportunities to engage and space to relax, and always ample encouragement to do what you like.

Generally, you can expect:

  • Three really delicious, mostly-plants meals a day
  • Yoga before breakfast (but after coffee), and before dinner
  • A spacious morning for doing whatever you like
  • An afternoon learn-to-love-your-body workshop
  • Plenty of opportunities to connect with your fellow retreaters, as well as hearty approval of alone time
  • Plenty of time to take advantage of Villa Sumaya's amenities (pool, hot tub, kayaks, lakeside walking trails) and bonus add-on offerings (appointments with healing practitioners, bird watching tours, day trips, sweat lodge)

We're also planning two very special group activities: 

One, a Mayan fire ceremony led by a local Mayan spiritual guide, to deepen your experience of the land and culture of Guatemala.

Two, a day trip to San Juan La Laguna, a village known for its women's weaving cooperatives, where you'll see and support the transformative power of feminist community.

 The Fire Ceremony is beautiful, and it is such an honor to attend.

The Fire Ceremony is beautiful, and it is such an honor to attend.

getting there

You'll fly in and out of La Aurora International Airport (GUA); we arrange private shuttle transfer (a van, then a boat!) to & from Villa Sumaya.

Your flight should arrive on Sat, Mar 2 by 2p . . . though if you want to ease your travel by arriving the night before, we will help you connect with the other women doing that!

To keep our journey home extra-spacious, we will travel from Villa Sumaya to Guatemala City on the afternoon of Sat, Mar 9, and spend our last night in a 5-star hotel. On Sun, Mar 10, your flight home can leave whenever's best for you.

what's included

  • 8 nights accommodation (the first 7 in Villa Sumaya; the last at a 5-star hotel in Guatemala City)

  • Every meal at Villa Sumaya (they're delicious and friendly to your dietary restrictions)

  • Round-trip shuttle transportation between Guatemala City and Villa Sumaya

  • 14 sweet & steady, nothing-to-prove yoga practices

  • 4 workshops to help you deeply shift how you see, talk to, move, and treat your body and yourself

  • Two Villa Sumaya excursions: a Mayan Fire Ceremony and a day trip to San Juan La Laguna

  • The company of extraordinary, inspiring, excellent women.

 To go with all the Guatemalan sunshine, there's plenty of water: this pool, a hot tub, and of course the gorgeous lake.

To go with all the Guatemalan sunshine, there's plenty of water: this pool, a hot tub, and of course the gorgeous lake.

 A single room in the Ginger Suites.

A single room in the Ginger Suites.

registration options

Single Room: $2750, or three payments of $950

Double Room: $2150, or three payments of $750 

Triple Room: $1850, or three payments of $650

Payment plan monies are collected upon registering, on Nov 15, and on Jan 15. This option is available only through Oct 1.

If you don't have a roomie for your Double or Triple registration, we'll do our best to find you one.

Our commitment to Villa Sumaya makes us unable to offer any refunds, though you of course are welcome to find someone to fill your spot. We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance, especially if you're worried about needing to cancel.

Finally, a SUPER BONUS TREAT: sign up with a friend before Sept 1, and we'll treat you BOTH to a massage or other healing treatment at Villa Sumaya!

 Sweet patio space in front of a shared bungalow.

Sweet patio space in front of a shared bungalow.

 The triple rooms are girlfriend-friendly.

The triple rooms are girlfriend-friendly.

join us

Are you intrigued by our concept? This magical place? The possibility of a friendlier relationship with your body? The chance to spend a whole week being kind to yourself? The company of extraordinary women? ALL OF THE ABOVE?

Say yes! Earliest birds get the most deluxe rooms, plus the payment plan option.

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