Drop The Drama

Be the Change

10 weeks to shift your attention from problems to possibility

tuesdays, oct 3 - dec 11   *   on your phone


Which roles have you outgrown, and which dramas are you done with?

Where in your life would you like less complaining and more creative solutions?

With whom do you want to be resourceful and resilient, rather than reactive and insecure?

Where are you ready to honor your whole self, and show up with better boundaries and more integrity?


Wherever it is you're ready to evolve

one thing is for sure:

Changing how you see & show up

in the world

changes everything.

Lead Yourself from Drama to Co-Creativity with TED*

In this 10-week series, we’ll dive deep into The Empowerment Dynamic (TED*), a self-leadership paradigm that offers practical tools and frameworks for relating with integrity and navigating change with courage.

Based on David Emerald’s book, The Power of TED*, this series will help you to develop:

* More balanced, resourceful, and resilient relationships, so you can show up as your whole self, with less stress and more ease

* Improved self-awareness, so you can shift out of reactivity and negativity and into creativity and compassion

* Practices for accessing growth mindset, so you can meet life’s challenges with courage

* Ways to be generous without overextending yourself, so you stop taking on what’s not yours

* The confidence to make inspired, creative, self-honoring decisions, even in the face of drama, change, and uncertainty

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A Bit about TED*

Leadership coach David Emerald created TED* as an escape from Stephen Karpman’s Drama Triangle, a finger-pointing relational paradigm in which people tend to get stuck focusing on problems, assigning blame, and either avoiding responsibility or taking on way too much of it.

When we’re stuck in Drama, our choices tend to be reactive, avoidant, and fear-driven. We feel the weight of the world on our shoulders: either as our burden to bear, or as an unfair onslaught keeping us down.


TED* is an empowering antidote to this perspective, as it asserts the inherent creative capacity of all humans. TED* helps us to focus on our desired outcomes, sparks our creativity, and promotes courageous, cooperative action-taking.

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When we shift away from Drama and toward the Empowerment Dynamic, we see life’s challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, and we see ourselves in partnership rather than in isolation.

TED* is especially helpful in times of change, and is used in organizations around the world as they evolve to meet ever-shifting circumstances.

For our purposes, TED* offers excellent self-leadership strategies that help us to show up all over our lives in more effective, flexible, and self-honoring ways.

TED* is used in organizations around the world to encourage growth and change. 

It works in your household, too.


This Course is for You If:

You are navigating changes in your life and relationships and want to feel more resourceful and secure.

You’re done feeling stuck and are ready to take action to evolve your circumstances.

You want more cooperation, openness, and ease with your colleagues, beloveds, kids, and self.

You want to make the world a better place, and know the best way to make positive change is to show up in a more conscious and authentic way.


OUr work includes:

* Ample ways to connect, learn, and practice together as we work our way through David Emerald’s book, The Power of TED*

* Weekly group calls for learning, conversation, and application of the TED* tools. Our 10 calls are Tuesdays from 12-1p EST, Oct 2-Dec 11, with no call on Nov 13.

* Inspiring weekly assignments to encourage you to apply what you’re learning.

* A private online forum for connection, support, inspiration, and additional coaching.

I know challenging times make for very full lives, so participation in this course is quite flexible. Calls are recorded for later listening if you can’t make it live, and our online forum enables you to engage with the group & materials when and however you're able.

In addition to the calls & forum, you have a choice between:

Option 1: Monthly in-person workshops that include all-levels yoga and meditation, conversation, group coaching, and a chance to delve more deeply into course material. The 4 workshops are Sundays Sept 30, Oct 28, Nov 25, and Dec 16, from 1-3p at Willow Street Yoga in Silver Spring.

Option 2: A 60min 1:1 coaching session with Natalie


You ready to stop complaining & get to changing?

For the course plus workshops, please register through Willow Street Yoga.

For the course plus 1:1 with me, fill out the form below!

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On the fence? Here's what people say about classes with me:

"Working with Natalie has been transformative. I took her class because I was super-frustrated with a stuck situation. Natalie's coaching, empathy, humor, and understanding have freed me to new possibilities. They've helped not only that particular situation but my whole life to feel more empowered. I understand what I bring to life more fully. I laugh more. I love my people more. I feel more at home in my own life, in my own skin." 
- E.T.

"I was expecting a class where we talked about things and ideas of how to take care of ourselves. What I did not expect that we would be supported with researched and validated tools, models, and techniques. As I use these, I see a huge difference from how I felt before the class and how I feel after the 10 week session. Take this class! It is empowering! It gives you tools for life!" 
- J.L.

"Natalie's multi-week classes provide me with a space to focus on myself and get support from others who are on their own journeys. The community has a very Real vibe. Everyone is very open, and willing to learn and share together. There is no judgment in this space." 
- Y.M.

"I started doing these classes because I was sick of hearing the same loops in my head about what I should or shouldn't do, and tired of overthinking things and beating myself up. In our group sessions, I feel heard, valued, and not overly vulnerable. There is so much trust and camaraderie among us, which allows me to be present, open, want to do the homework, listen, learn, be rather transparent. I'm grateful for the time and space to explore thoughts and feelings that I have been stifling and shutting down for awhile." 
- L.C.