Here's what happens in a coaching session with me:

You do a great deal of guided self-reflection. I don't tell you what to do; I ask you questions that help you access your wisdom and honor your truths. This empowers you in decision making and helps you trust yourself.

I listen to what you're saying and to what you're NOT saying. I help you see your assumptions about the world and yourself, and you learn to let go of the ones that are getting in your way.

I share all sorts of work/life balance tools with you, and I give you gentle accountability as you implement them. This encourages you to make changes big and small, as you create the time and space you need for an everyday life you love.

I help you to develop supportive practices like self-compassion, gratitude, living with intention, thought work, and yoga / meditation / self-care. This helps you live and work and love in a way that honors your whole self.

Here's how the logistics work:

My clients commit to at least 3 sessions, spaced 1 to 3 weeks apart. Some clients get empowering clarity out of just one set of sessions; some

I prefer to coach via telephone, but if you're phone-averse (or if I'm planning to incorporate some yoga practice into your session), we can meet at one of the Willow Street Yoga locations.

Once we're connected, you schedule your appointments using my online scheduler.

Here's how to connect with me:

Email me and tell me about your situation. If I think I can help you, I'll invite you to set up a 30 min chat with me (no charge), and we can both see if we're a good fit.

Here's how much:

I charge $595 for three sessions. I prefer check payment, but online via Square works, too.