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nasty women

10 weeks of coaching and community for evolving feminists

June 26 - august 28   *   online and on your phone


And times are changing.

But you and I were born & raised in a sexist world, and we're not immune to its expectations.

As the brilliant critic Lili Loofbourow writes:

At every turn, 

women are taught

that how someone reacts to them 

does more to establish their goodness and worth

than anything they themselves might feel.


So we learn to put ourselves last.

We find more hours in the day for others by sacrificing our alone time, exercise, and sleep.

We attend the brunches, the meetings, the reunions, because we feel like we have to.

We check our work email on the weekend when we promised ourselves we wouldn't.

We do so much unpaid labor - emotional, household, caregiving - but struggle to acknowledge its value. Or to insist on help.

We grimace and allow the unannounced in-law visit, the creepy hug, and the offensive comment.


We keep saying Yes

When our bodies,

our minds,

our souls

are hollering NOOOOOOOOO.


It has to stop, and now's the time.

 Magic Photo by  Nine Köpfer  on  Unsplash

Magic Photo by Nine Köpfer on Unsplash

supportive practices for evolving feminists

Standing up for ourselves and our sisters requires strength, compassion, and integrity.

Honoring ourselves as we commit to doing better takes courage, kindness, and practice.

To do this, it helps to explore how and why:

* To give ourselves a break, literally and figuratively

* To create boundaries in our relationships

* To say No with confidence

* To Reclaim Our Time without guilt or apology

* To care less about other people's opinions, and to trust and value our integrity more

* To speak up against injustice with confidence

* To do more and more of what we really want in this life, and make our best contribution

* To have the courage to be our whole, messy, extraordinary, evolving selves

 We'll all be the workers, and we'll all be the queens. Photo by  Jez Timms  on  Unsplash

We'll all be the workers, and we'll all be the queens. Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

How it works & what's included

Over the course of 10 weeks, we'll benefit from exploring intersectionally feminist perspective, practicing myriad self-coaching and self-care techniques, and enjoying the power of coming together with fellow Nasty Women.

Since it's summertime, this program flexibly offers ample ways to connect and grow together: online and on the phone for all participants, plus yoga in person for local peops, and 1:1 coaching for those who are faraway.

The course includes:

  • 10 group calls for learning, discussion, and group coaching. You can attend the calls live, or listen to the recordings later. Calls are  Tuesdays from 1-2p EDT, Jun 26 through Aug 28.
  • An array of practices and perspectives that encourage us to honor our whole selves, including self-coaching techniques to clear out the oppressive socialized thinking that gets in our way
  • Inspiring weekly assignments to encourage us to make real, self-honoring changes in our lives and relationships
  • A private online forum for connection, support, inspiration, and additional coaching

Then you have a choice of:

  • 7 yoga / coaching gatherings to nurture our bodies, souls, and community. Gatherings are Thursdays, 7-8:30p at Willow Street Yoga in Silver Spring, MD. We'll meet Jun 28 through Aug 23, with no class Jul 12 or Aug 2. Yoga is suitable for students of all levels

OR (if you live far away, or just can't do Thurs nights)

  • a 60 min 1:1 coaching session with me, sometime this summer
 Photo by Devon Rowland

Photo by Devon Rowland

Who i am to be doing this

I am an evolving feminist.

I am strong in my pro-woman and pro-femme convictions, and also aware that my whiteness requires me always to be consciously steering away from White Feminism.

I am bitchy, generous, assertive, loving, provocative, willing to learn from my mistakes and dedicated to working on myself and my shit.

I believe we're all at our best when we honor our bodies, evolve our thinking, and show up as our whole, multiplex, kaleidoscopic selves.

I am a Master Certified Martha Beck life coach, a BARE certified life coach, a yoga studio director and yoga teacher, a woman entrepreneur, a married mother of tween and teen girls, and a Gryffindor.



this program is DEF for you if:

  • You are done running on empty, and ready to learn to say NO
  • You are intent on making time for yourself and feeling good about it
  • You want to bolster your feminism with new perspectives and daily practices
  • You crave community with fellow sparkly, whipsmart, badass women (and you know - maybe deep down, but you KNOW - that you are one)
  • You are excited to learn and grow this summer


This program is NOT for you if:

You prefer complaining to changing. 

That's it.

You in?

Your investment of $495 includes 10 group learning/coaching phone sessions, membership in a private online forum, weekly assignments with encouraging accountability, expert instruction in so many self-coaching and self-care skillz, and your choice of seven yoga classes or one 1:1 coaching session.

I always have a fund for partial scholarships. Just ask. 

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